Pictures from CRF Opening Day - 2003
Opening festivities at the gate Gathering at the gate before entry
Raphael, Jayden, Raoul, and Greycat - Joining the M.O.B. Greycat / Laura / Mistress of Bobbins
Raphael showing his true colors at the apothecary's Jayden and Kyra show off their facial adornments
Raoul disappointed at the axe throw Raphael gives the axes a try
Raphael gives the axes another try MisRed, Daniel, and Jayden
Raoul between Jayden and Beth -- what a lucky rogue! Greycat, Jayden, and Beth leading us off in search of nourishment
Swords of the Orient Swords of the Orient
Raphael at the knife throw -- who gave the Puerto Rican a knife?! Beth and Jayden toward the end of the day
Jayden and Greycat -- they have chocolate covered strawberries and you don't! MisRed comforts the town drunk. That poor, poor man.
Afternoon group shot -- Beatriz, Jayden, Don, Raphael, and John Broadfoot MisRed enjoying comforting the town drunk

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